Air Pollution Control

air-cleaning-1.jpgAirBTU Inc provides expertise in industrial air pollution control systems using mist separation and mass transfer. We specialize in wet scrubbers, mist eliminators, and ancillary equipment including duct, stacks, dampers, and exhaust fans. AirBTU provides system support based on many years of experience in large air pollution control systems.

AirBTU provides important unit components for tower internals including mass-transfer random packing. We provide Tellerettes, Tri-Packs, and Lantec random packing. AirBTU Inc provides mesh pads and mist eliminators including Kimre mist eliminator pads and structured packing. Contact us for random packing and mist eliminators.


Air BTU provides wet scrubbers and cyclone collectors for most industrial applications. We include ductwork, cyclone collector or scrubber, exhaust fans and blowers, controls, stack and general arrangement drawings in our design and provide kits. Duct, stack and fan are steel, alloy or FRP fiberglass construction. We ship in a single organized shipment with all items match marked to the general arrangement drawing.