Bulk Solids Flow

pnesys1.jpgAirBTU Inc. designs and builds pneumatic conveying systems including dilute phase and dense phase and mechanical conveying.  Young Industries provides dense phase Product Pumps, Transflow systems, DFB bulk bag unloaders, and Stinger solids flow feeders. Young Industries Cast Iron Rotary valves and cast diverter valves set the industry standard for quality and duty. AirBTU Inc. can provide a complete system for pneumatic conveying systems from silo to receiver.

Young Industries provides the most robust and quality rotary valves available, made in their own factory in Muncy, Pennsylvania since 1947.

DFB1.jpgWe specialize in handling Titanium dioxide, carbon black, pigments, and hard-to-handle solids.  Bulk bag unloading, filtered bag dump stations, powered bin vent filters, and custom filter receivers are provided with engineering support and ancillary items such as lump breakers, bulk bag massagers, and pneumatic conveying systems are typically included to make our systems safe and reliable.

We offer replacement rotary valves, diverter valves, and bin vent filters and filter receivers for most replacement applications.